Unfortunately, SEO is NOT suitable for all Businesses.


We have assisted many businesses achieve great success and so the word is out.  We would of course love to help every business that requests our expertise however we have, what we think is a reasonable list of criteria for selecting our clients.  All the criteria is required to be met first in order for us to proceed with our business relationship.  As you can imagine the SEO Industry is a fast paced environment to be involved in and is highly technical with advances being made on a consistent basis.  Due to this, we can only work with limited selected clients at any one time to ensure you get the maximum amount of attention to detail.  This will attribute to your company's ultimate success.


We can only work with you if:


  1. You have an existing active and healthy business.
    Our SEO services are for companies that are up and running already and now would like to increase their visibility and brand online. We do not work with: get rich quick schemes, adult themed material or any startup businesses.
  2.  You're already receiving consistent traffic and are already making sales.  You are currently running your ads, you are promoting, and you are selling your services successfully.
  3.  You have solid product and a great reputation. Our business relationship will bring on the sales for your bottom line, as well as promoting your product it in a way that creates a great perception in your particular market.

That is all that is required!



Once you meet the criteria above and would love to speak to you personally about getting you some wonderful results, then we can arrange a time to have a chat.

Here’s how the process works:  Please complete the discovery form below and tell us all about your business and the results expected.

It is a simple process.  We would like to know a little about your Company, the product you are selling as we just want to get an idea of what you would like to accomplish with regards to your business goals.

We will scrutinise and review the information you provide.  Once this is complete, we will deliver a personalised plan to achieve your goals and increase profits and productivity.

We have been using this process for all our clients and it has worked successfully as it makes everything clear from the start and gets us both on the same page.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our initial call should take around 45 minutes.