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Do you feel that you deserve more online exposure for your business?

Then how about letting Chivell Internet Media help you dominate the rankings in the search engines?

Our Business Relationship

We pride ourselves in our customer service, so we are always available if you have any questions and need an update.  You will get to talk to us personally and get to know our team.


You're in capable hands

While we are masters at what we do, we are also involved in mastermind groups of the Best SEO's  in the world.  Keeping in touch with any changes good or bad, to stay on top of the SEO Industry.  This will be extremely beneficial to your website.

Dramatically increase your Business Customer Base

Included in our service to you, is a major focus on driving more customers to your site, to your products and to your services with advanced marketing strategies.

Monthly Report Summary

We keep you informed every step of the way with your rankings updates, as well as any industry changes, thus ensuring your business is secure in the online world.


It's just Us

We don't outsource anything and we don't cut corners.  Your website is of paramount importance to us, and therefore all our strategy planning and work is done by our team of internet marketing professionals.  Our SEO company places a great importance on work ethic.

Increasing your Productivity and Income

You will watch your company grow, with increased organic traffic to your website.  Customers who will be wanting to purchase your goods and/or services at a rapid rate.

Specifically tailored for your Business

Businesses of all shapes and sizes will require a different approach from us.  We have the right knowledge to be able to assist to your specific need.  That's why our analysis of your site is so important.

Clear and Concise Agreement

We offer an easy contract on a month to month basis.  So if you feel that we are not delivering, (we're sure that won't happen) you can opt out at any time.  We want this to be a worry-free contract for you.


We have proven Business SEO Strategies to rise above the competition and move your website to Page 1 of Google.


The Right Company for YOU

Selecting the right Melbourne SEO Company to help you achieve your company goals is an extremely important decision for your business.  It will be one of the many major decisions you will have to make when it comes to your bottom line.

What you must also realise is that time is of the essence in relation to SEO and your business.  Your competition is literally, right now, taking your potential customers away from you, therefore, reducing any future income earnings.

Can you allow that to continue?



"She has the ability to transform businesses"

Joshua Fletcher

Founder, Search Explosion


"Grace has the best SEO foundation that I have ever come across. 

She has the ability to transform businesses and the number of inbound leads, as well as the positioning that a company gains by being at the top of Google search engines."


SEO is not the same for every business

Our strategies are specifically tailored for your business only.  Various sized businesses require a different SEO blueprint.  Our Company doesn't just provide one formula for everyone.  We will analyse your website and business and come up with the best solution for YOU.  If we just used the same marketing approach for every business in a particular niche, the content and pages will never be found by potential customers.


Keyword Optimisation

The right keyword optimisation is crucial for your website.  This is an integral part of our services as it provides the correct information for the search engine spiders to rank your page correctly.  This in turn will enable your potential customers to find you more effectively and timely during a keyword search.  This will be done by analysing your data and optimising keywords.  Further keywords may be suggested if required, to increase your page rank.  You will receive a detailed analysis report displaying how the correct keywords will increase traffic to your website.


Quality Service

We have been in the customer service industry for over 30 years and understand the importance of identifying the needs of our clients.  SEO takes a lot of hard work as we are required to develop many applications and approaches, find high ranking keywords that provide traffic yet are low in competition.

We are professional SEO Experts who will charge a reasonable price for our service and we absolutely stand by our work once it is delivered to you.


Our Linking Formula

SEO is not only about setting the right keywords in place but also developing secure linking strategies.  These will be set up as we are well aware of their importance in relation to the search engines.  We will provide you with information on what existing linking structure you have on your website, then devise a course of action to improve on the those links.



All the Business Strategies we have stated should be considered when in the course of choosing your SEO Company.

This will get you on the right path right off the bat, to methodically increase the presence of your website.  Once this is done, you will be positioned in the top pages of the major search engines.

You are losing money to your competitors if your website is not on Page 1 of Google.  It's that plain and simple.  What's important is to be ranked highly ahead of your competitors for your website, products and services.


You are probably thinking, why do I need a Local SEO Expert?

Well, the answer is that in this day and age of hand held technology and the consumer's requirement of speedy information, has caused the death of the phone book.  Therefore, online users are now focusing on local searches to find the appropriate local business to meet their convenience.


New Technologies ad Innovations

The business world has changed.  We all need to keep up with new technologies and innovations that are constantly being introduced to us.  The online world has grown to massive proportions and the competition to be seen by online users is of paramount importance for every business that has a website.

Statistics tell us that almost 90% of online users do not click past page 1 of Google.  Therefore, the importance of being on page 1 is crucial in running an online business.  We have the knowledge and the right strategies to get you there!

This is what is most important to us!


Mobile Analysis

We are also able to assist you in making sure your website is mobile optimised so that it can be found on Google, and displayed correctly on mobile devices, thus dominating your competition.


It's time!

The time is now to increase your exposure online, and start taking back the customers and income that you've lost.  Take action and drive straight past your competitors and straight to the top!  Show the search engines and more importantly your customers how important you and your products are.

We are here to help all the way through, by providing you with professional work in a timely manner.  This way, you can give more of your attention to other projects and strategies to grow your business. This is exactly what we do for all our past and existing clients!


Next steps.....

The next step is a Free Consultation and a detailed website analysis.  Once this has been received by our experts, we then have the power to forward an honest and precise assessment of the amendments that are required to enhance your business.

Let us help you to turbo charge your Company ahead in the rankings and leave your competitors wondering why they didn't see you drive past!







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